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 Neil took your advice of throwing away 9 things for 9 days. Now I can’t get him to stop! We both feel lighter already!

Susan M.  John’s Creek, Georgia

Thanks  for getting us to do what we believed could never been accomplished. In  the office area off our bedroom, years of Bon Appetite and other  magazines, saved (for what) GONE. Thanks for introducing us to Feng  Shui.

Bud and  Ellie F.     Providence, RI   

Jill  gave us so many ideas which were easy to implement throughout our home.  Our house feels different than it did four years ago. It is truly  improved. Now, I have Jill come a few times a year for a home  “check-up.” She is a wonderful, smart woman.   

Gayle P., Alpharetta, Georgia

Before  Jill’s first visit we had never really used our family room. No one  seemed to want to be in there. Jill came in and moved our furniture so  the back of the chairs and sofa were not facing the door of the room.  Shortly after that I noticed that the whole family started to congregate  there. None of us could believe the difference it made in our level of  comfort to change the location of the existing furniture. Our family  room is now truly a family room; it is the room we use most. It seems to  be completely attributable to Jill’s placement of the furniture. The  difference is palpable.

Leslie L.,  Roswell, Georgia

When I  met Jill, I was having a hard time getting started in my real estate  business. Jill looked at my front door and pointed out that in Feng Shui  the door was located in my home’s career sector. She told me at the  very least the door needed to be repainted. In addition, because the  humidity had caused the wood to expand, the door was sticking to the  jamb making it difficult to close. Unbeknownst to Jill, I had been  itching to replace that door for some time! Based upon Jill’s  recommendation, I replaced the door with a new, freshly painted door. I  also implemented some of Jill’s other Feng Shui changes in my home.

Three weeks later, I sold my first house! I’ve been on a roll ever since. I just needed to “unstick” myself.

Troy W., Atlanta, Georgia